Gay Rights: From Immoral to Mundane to the Sublime

This Sunday morning as we were making breakfast, we were shocked, amazed and thrilled to hear Charles Osgood, the bow-tied, conservative host of the CBS Sunday Morning, announce that the show would feature a segment on the Stonewall riots and their impact on today's LGBT civil rights movement.


It is one thing to wake up knowing more and more States (6 so far) have granted legal marriage rights to LGBT couples, but it is something altogether astounding to realize we’ve made it to the mundane world of CBS’ Sunday Morning.

Today, thousands of grandmas and grandpas around the country saw a respectful account of the history of the LGBT civil rights movement portrayed as dignified and deserving.

All this from a show that is generally to the right of Reader’s Digest!

Now that we’ve managed to achieve the mundane, equality can’t be too far behind!


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