Keep It In Your Pants

You know what Sanford, Ensign, Craig, Vitter, Foley, Edwards, Gingrich, Clinton (Bill), et. al., have in common?  All of them oppose equal marriage rights for same sex couples.

Yes, that’s right!

Every single one of them have expressed concern that gay marriage would harm society, is unnatural, is against their religion’s teachings, would destroy the unique sacredness of “traditional” marriage, and on and on to varying degrees.

And each of these men are/were in a position to and did in fact support laws that maintain the unequal status of LGBT citizens in one way or another.

Six states (so far) have granted equal marriage rights that the federal government and every other state is legally permitted to ignore.

That means, no matter if you are married in one state, the federal government as well as any other US state has a right to refuse to grant your marriage the respect, rights and privileges granted to other married people.

This would not be so annoying if it were not for the blatant hypocrisy of politicians we know have disrespected their own marriage and those politicians whose indiscretions are as yet unknown to us.

I am not a psychologist but I’ll bet there is serious dissociation going on in the minds of these men who can so compartmentalize their vocal moral outrage from their silent moral failings!

It seems the louder they rail against gay and lesbian equality the more likely it is that they live in their own glass house.

You’d need a big pair of stones to continue to hurl them at the LGBT community while continuing on with your own affairs.

Who cares who someone else is sleeping with or who cheated on their spouse? That is and should be a private matter. But, if you're going to:

hang your hat on a ‘holier than thou’ platform,
claim your “moral values” are better than mine,
deny equal rights to the LGBT community,
insist on abstinence only sex education in schools, etc.,

Then the least you can do is keep it in your pants


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