Some Right Wing Christian Stupid: Donnie’s Musical Miracle

It is difficult to tell if this is Right Wing Christian Stupid, or just a parody of Right Wing Christian Stupid. 


That’s what makes Donnie Davies’ web site so special, that cutting edge gaiety.

His music moves me, and I promise not to listen to Ted Nugent any longer, because listening to Ted promotes the gay, don’t you know.

This is a total hoot. A web site called “Love God’s Way” is all about promoting Donnie Davies’ music, which is about the only music out there that does not promote homosexuality, at least according to Donnie and friends. Donnie is all about a musical cure for homosexuality, and evidently believes that the root causes of homosexuality reside in music as well.

The list of gay music is long, according to Donnie. It includes Elton John, Queen, David Bowie, Michael Jackson and The Village people, of course, but also Ted Nugent, because he wears a loin cloth, Frank Sinatra, Toby Keith, Bob Dylan, and many, many more. Of course, Donnie Davies himself writes and performs music that will help convert you from the gay lifestyle. Heck, Donnie claims Oscar Wilde was converted from the gay lifestyle, and if anyone could convert that screaming queen, then Donnie could, that’s for sure. (Hold it, Oscar is still dead, isn’t he?) Anyway, there is safe music out there to listen to. Here’s the list of bands and performers that won’t make you gay:

Cyndi Lauper
Sufjan Stevens (at request of publisher)
The Right Brothers (bush was right!)
Dresden Dolls
Falling Up
Sandi Patti
By The Tree
Michael W. Smith
Jars of Clay
DC Talk
Cheap Trick

Get to your favorite music store and stock up on the Cyndi Lauper now. Or listen to Donnie’s video right here on the web — it seems to be called “Will You Come.” It may save you from becoming gay, after all.

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